Kansas City Jiu-Jitsu Championships

Event Date

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Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Saturday, November 7, 2015 1:00:00 PM GMT

Online Registration

Online Registration for this event is CLOSED!

In-Person Registration

In-person registration is available for this event. If you are unable to register online, you may register in-person at the venue during early weigh-ins or the morning of the event. In-person registrations are not eligible for any promotional items or discounts that are available online.

Competitor List

FUJI BJJ maintains and publishes competitor lists for each and every event however the competitor list for this event is not yet available to the public. The competitor list, bracketing information, mat assignments and event results may not be published until the day of the event. Please check back closer to the event date.

Competitor Fees

BEFORE 10/27/2015 @ 11:45 PM:

  • One Division: $65.00
  • Two Divisions: $75.00
BEFORE 11/4/2015 @ 11:45 PM:
  • One Division: $75.00
  • Two Divisions: $85.00


All spectators over the age of 12 years old must have a spectator pass. Passes may be purchased at the time of registration or at the door before entering the venue.

  • Spectator Fee: $10.00

*Each academy may designate up to two coaches who receive specatator passes at no cost. The academy must have competitors registered for this particular event and the passes must be approved by the Event Coordinator.

Event Location (Region 1)

PLEASE NOTE: The "Early Weigh-In Location" and "Event Location" are THE SAME for this event.

Discover-South Middle
800 Midjay Drive
Liberty, MO 64068
United States of America
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Bracketing Information

PLEASE NOTE: This is a modified single elimination event. Competitors are not guaranteed more than one match per division entered regardless of the outcome.

Weigh-In Notification

PLEASE NOTE: Competitors are not required to wear a uniform (gi) when weighing in.

Competitor T-Shirts

PLEASE NOTE: Competitors who register online before 10/27/2015 11:45:00 PM CDT qualify for a free promotional t-shirt. Rules and restrictions are as follows:
  • Shirts must be picked up by the registered competitor at the retail booth after 9:30 AM the day of the event.
  • This is a promotional item and has no monetary value.
  • Exact size and design of the promotinal shirt is not guaranteed.
  • This offer expires once the event is concluded. Unclaimed shirts will not be mailed or otherwise distributed.

Event Schedule

1:00 PM GMT to 2:30 PM GMT
1:00 PM GMT to 2:30 PM GMT
Children/Teens Rules Meeting
3:00 PM GMT
Adult Rules Meeting
3:00 PM GMT
Super Fights
3:30 PM GMT
Children/Teens Gi Divisions
4:00 PM GMT
Children/Teens NoGi Divisions
6:30 PM GMT
Adult/Master/Executive Gi Divisions
3:45 PM GMT
Adult/Master/Executive NoGi Divisions
5:30 PM GMT