General Rules

Matches will always have a victor; no matches will end in a draw. Matches can be won by…



a one minute sudden-death overtime period will be executed if the match ends in a tie-score. The first person to score in this 1 minute period will immediately be called the winner. If the overtime period also ends in a tie score, the referee will decide the winner of the match based on which competitor most aggressively pursued the advancement of position and the submission of his opponent. Further criteria is below:

  • Who was closest to attaining submissions?
  • Who achieved more dominant positions?
  • Who had fewer penalties/warnings?


A Submission happens when a competitor forces an opponent to:

  • Tap with their hand against their opponent or the floor in a visible manner.
  • Tap with their feet on the ground (if he or she does not have the use of their hands).
  • Verbally request the referee that the match be stopped.
  • If a competitor screams or yells in the heat of the match.

*Referees will objectively stop any match when they believe that the competitor could be at risk of incurring serious injury regardless of whether the competitor taps or not. This decision is solely up to the referee and is not able to be contested or appealed.


The score will be determined by the referee and displayed by the scoring tables.


  • Takedown, Sweep and Knee on the Belly = 2 Points
  • Locked submission attempts that end out of bounds without purpose
    (competitors will be restarted in the center) = 2 points
  • Guard Pass = 3 Points
  • Mount, Back position with hooks = 4 Points

All techniques or positional changes MUST have established control for 3 seconds for points to be awarded. Also, any submission attempts must be cleared prior to being able to secure position for count.


Legal Techiques


  • No Advantage Points are awarded in FUJI BJJ tournaments
  • When executing a takedown, if the opponent flees the mat the competitor executing the takedown will be awarded 2 points
  • If a competitor is defending a takedown when taken out of bounds no points will be awarded to either competitor
  • When sweeping an opponent from 50/50 guard, the competitor executing the sweep must get out of the 50/50 position from the top position before points will be assessed
  • When a submission is applied during a scoring move/technique no points will be assessed until the submission or position is disengaged (for example if a top player attempts an ankle lock from his opponents guard, and his opponent comes to the top position to accept sweep points, NO POINTS will be assessed until the ankle lock has been defended or abandoned)
  • No points are awarded for escaping an inferior position (side control, mount, back, knee on belly) regardless of where the competitors end up from the escape attempt


  • Poor Personal Conduct – May result in immediate DQ.
  • Technical Fouls – Will result in a warning and associated penalties.


  • Gum, candy, or food of any kind is strictly prohibited while competing. Refusal will result in a disqualification by the referee.
  • Jewelry and piercings of any kind is strictly prohibited while competing. Refusal will result in a disqualification by the referee.


  • A verbal warning will be given on the first offense where a competitor is committing a foul or stalling.
    • Stalling: A referee will issue a warning to a competitor when they are stalling by telling them that they must modify the position. When a competitor does not modify his grips or position after a 20 second count this warning will be given. After another 20 seconds a 2nd warning will be given, and 2 points will be awarded to the opponent. There will be no 3rd warning, competitors will be DQ’s after a 3rd 20 second period has passed with no movement.
  • Warnings are given to the competitor after committing a foul.
  • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense: +2 points for opponent
  • 3rd Offense: Disqualification


  • Inserting fingers or toes inside the sleeves or pants, or both hands in or on opponent’s belt,or foot inside the opponent’s belt
  • Running away from the action of the match as well as backing out of guard (more than 2 steps and not engaging their opponent
  • Stalling – previously discussed.
  • Sitting to guard without having a physical connection to the opponent.
  • If a foul occurs the referee may
    • Restart the action in the last position before progression occurred, or
    • Restart the competitors standing if it cannot be recreated.


Unsportsmanlike fouls may result in a competitor’s immediate disqualification.

  • Striking of any kind
    • Using any part of the body (fist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, head, knee, or leg) to cause a concussive blow to one’s opponent.
  • Eye gouging of any kind
    • Eye gouging is the act of pressing or tearing the eye using the fingers, other body parts, or instruments.
  • Biting or spitting
    • Biting in any form is illegal. A referee may not be able to physically observe some actions such as biting.
  • Hair pulling
    • Pulling of the hair in any fashion is an illegal action. A competitor may not grab a hold of their opponent’s hair to control their opponent in any way.
  • Fish hooking
    • Any attempt by a competitor to use their fingers in a manner that attacks their opponent’s mouth, nose or ears, stretching the skin to that area will be considered “Fish hooking”.
  • Putting a finger or any part of the body into any orifice of an opponent
    • A competitor may not place their fingers into an opponent’s, nose, ears, mouth, or any body cavity.
  • No Small joint manipulation
    • Grabbing fingers & toes as single digits. Competitors must grab 3 or more digits at a time.
  • Slamming or spiking an opponent to the floor/mat on his head or neck (from within the guard or during a take-down)
    • Malicious slamming is considered slamming an opponent with ill will or intent to cause injury. Spiking is considered to be any take-down where you control your opponent’s body directing his feet straight up and his head straight down and forcibly driving the opponent’s head into floor/mat.
  • Scissors take-down
  • Back Arch Throws
  • Grabbing the clavicle
  • Use of foul language, cursing, or other immoral acts of disrespect towards the referee, opponents or any of the assisting staff or public
  • Engaging in any unsportsmanlike or malicious conduct
  • Attacking an opponent on or during a break
  • Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee or doctor
  • Attacking an opponent after the end of the match
  • Flagrantly disregarding the instructions of the referee
  • A competitor MUST follow the instructions of the referee at all times. Any deviation or non-compliance may result in the competitor’s disqualification.
  • Interference by the coach
    • Interference is defined as any action or activity aimed at disrupting the match or causing an unfair advantage to be given to one competitor. Coaches or corners are not allowed to distract the referee or influence the actions of the referee in any fashion.


Behaving inappropriately at any FUJI BJJ event may result in the following:

  • Ejection from the venue
  • Loss of registration and/or spectator fees
  • Banning from future FUJI BJJ events
  • Loss of some or all academy/association team points

The action(s) taken for behaving inappropriately will be decided by the Event Coordinator and all decisions are final. Emails, social media messages, and phone calls regarding these instances will be unread/unanswered/deleted.


A competitor may forfeit a match by:

  • Verbal request from the competitor or competitor’s coach to the referee.
  • Not showing up for their bracket or match when called.
  • Medical/Injury (see Medical/Injury stoppage).
  • Equipment or uniform malfunction (torn or unpresentable gi or uniform)
    • Gi must be blue, white or black
    • No gi competitors must have shorts or spats with a rash guard or t-shirt. No shirtless competitors allowed.
  • Using the belt for any type of submission.
  • Medical - cramps that stop the match are an auto-forfeit
  • Medical - vomitting or losing control of bowels is automatic-forfeit


A competitor is defeated after losing consciousness or if the competitor calls a stop to the match without the referee’s direction by any of these valid moves:

  • Chokes
  • Take-downs
  • Accidents in which the opponent has not committed any foul
  • Unless fouled, a competitor that is unable to continue due to an injury after being assessed by medical staff/referee will be considered to have forfeited the match.