When are your events?

Please refer to our EVENT SCHEDULE page for information on upcoming tournaments.

Who can compete?

Everyone! FUJI BJJ features Kids, Womens, Teens, Mens, and Mens Masters divisions. For more information please refer to our SKILL DIVISIONS page.

Do I weigh-in with my uniform (gi)?

Competitors are not required to wear a uniform (gi) when weighing in.

What color uniform (gi) can I compete in?

While we do not require a white or blue gi, we do prefer those to be worn. An unusual colored gi is not prohibited, but please use good judgement. We DO require that your gi fit properly and be in good repair (no rips, tears etc.)..

What if I "Don't Make Weight"?

Competitors are bracketed into divisions based on age, weight, rank and gender. When you arrive at the venue these details will be confirmed by a representative from FUJI BJJ. Our staff will work to ensure that you are placed in the bracket that is the most appropriate for you based on this information. If for some reason we are not able to find such a bracket you may be asked to either fight in the next closest division or receive a refund.

Competitors are NEVER disqualified for missing the weight they originally registered for.

You are never expected to compete in a division which you are not comfortable with and may receive a full refund within the limits of our REFUND POLICY.

What rank can I compete at?

You are only allowed to compete at the rank you are given by your professor/instructor. This is confirmed during the check-in process.

Do you post brackets/competitor information prior to the event?

Each and every FUJI BJJ event is bracketed and scored by our proprietary computer software. Competitor lists and brackets may be published on a per event basis as the date of the event draws near. However, keep in mind the following:

  • We allow day of registrations for the majority of our events.
  • We DO NOT disqualify competitors if they check-into the event at a different weight than they registered for.
  • Brackets, and sometimes registrations are finalized the morning of the event.
  • Brackets, competitor information and results may not be available until the event begins depending on the event.

Do I get a competitor t-shirt?

Competitors who register online during the early registration period qualify for a free promotional t-shirt. Rules and restrictions are as follows:

  • Shirts must be picked up by the registered competitor at the retail booth after 9:30 AM the day of the event.
  • This is a promotional item and has no monetary value.
  • Exact size and design of the promotinal shirt is not guaranteed.
  • This offer expires once the event is concluded. Unclaimed shirts will not be mailed or otherwise distributed.

Is [X] technique illegal at my age and rank?

Please refer to the LEGAL TECHNIQUES page for a list of legal techniques for each age and rank. We also reccomend that you review any questions or concerns that you may have with the referee before the start of your match.

Where will the event be held?

Please refer to our EVENT SCHEDULE page for information on upcoming tournaments. Each event has its own page with these details.

How much does it cost to compete?

Prices will vary by event and by region. However, each event has an "early registration" period where a discount is offered. Pay close attention to our Facebook page and our EVENT SCHEDULE.

How much does it cost for spectators?

All spectators over the age of 12 years old must have a spectator pass. Passes may be purchased at the time of registration or at the door before entering the venue.

  • Spectator fees may vary from event to event however they are typically $10 USD

*Each academy may designate up to two coaches who receive specatator passes at no cost. The academy must have competitors registered for this particular event and the passes must be approved by the Event Coordinator.

What do I win?

Brand new limited edition FUJI Jiu-Jitsu Championship Series medals will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. Finals of each division will be announced prior to the start of the match.


FUJI Jiu-Jitsu Championship Series Gold Medal

How do I register?

You may pre-register online by visiting our EVENT SCHEDULE and selecting the event you wish to compete in. By pre-registering all you have to do is show-up the day of the event and weigh-in. You may also register the day of the event from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. Early weigh-in opportunities will be announced on the event page and on our Facebook page.

Do you calculate team points?

Yes, beginning in 2019 every single event is electronically bracketed and scored. Every single match is recorded and counts towards academy and association standings.

How are team points calculated?

We award the following number of points for both association and academy standings.

9 Points per Gold Medal
3 Points per Silver Medal
1 Point per Bronze Medal

What is the tournament schedule?

Each event has a custom page that provides details including the event schedule itself. Please visit the EVENT SCHEDULE and click on a specific event for more information.

What are the weight divisions?

Weight divisions are detailed HERE

What are the skill divisions?

Skill divisions can be found HERE

What are the tournament rules?

Rules for the FUJI Jiu-Jitsu Championship Series can be found HERE. To ask further questions or to experience a quick overview of the rules please be sure to pay close attention during the rules meeting the day of the tournament.